EU ruling on genome-editing unfavourable


IT was an extremely busy month for us at Mabic and The Petri Dish. I attended the APEC High Level Policy Dialogue on Agribiotechnology (APEC HLPDAB) in Brisbane and then the Southeast Asia-US Agricultural Cooperators Conference in Kota Kinabalu.

Look out for the article on the latter event in the September issue of The Petri Dish.

SEA US Agricultural Cooperators Conference was a new network for me but I could see how regulatory decisions on GM technology and genome editing will affect traders involved in grain commodities.

APEC economies are grappling with the need to make a conclusive decision on genome editing. Will products of this technology be defined as GMOs? How will that affect R&D, small companies and public sector research?

I hope regulators will make a sane decision on this very important tool that promises solutions in various sectors, not only in agriculture. The medical and healthcare sector are among sectors that will have enormous benefits from genome editing.

In this article of August issue, we break the tragic news on EU’s ruling on genome editing.