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Elena Mazlan

Elena Mazlan is passionate in science writing. Working as a Science Officer at the National Science Center (PSN) gives her plenty of opportunities to get involve with the public, and The Petri Dish opens the door for her to communicate and share her experience through writing. Covering science news is her niche. She is actively involved in creating awareness of science communication through channels like society, clubs and being in a publication team in a government agency.  To her, communication is a medium to disseminate knowledge to the people and acts as way to give back to the community. She lives with the motto that the more you give to the society, the more you get from them.

Yaashviny Nair

Yaashviny Nair has passion for both science and arts. She has been a writer with The Petri Dish since 2015 and so grateful for the opportunity to combine both her interests onto one platform. She enjoys writing on the new discoveries and advancement of science; more importantly, she draws inspiration from interviewing various prominent figures in the field of science. Yaashviny holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Biotechnology with a Communications elective. During her leisure time, she feeds her scientific soul by reading literature on neuroscience; she feeds her artistic soul by writing and playing the veena.

Jolene Anthony Dass

Jolene Anthony Dass is a curious and free-spirited, eager to explore and uncover the complex dynamics of the world and everything in it. Science intrigues her  because it explains the “why” behind those seen and unseen. The more she understands, the more she’s in awe. Writing is one way for her to express this fascination as she loves matching words to the emotions when she understands an interesting phenomenon.

Nandini Sandran

Nandini Sandran has been writing for a year for The Petri Dish.  As a current final year student of Genetics and Molecular Biology in University of Malaya, Nandini believes that The Petri Dish is  a great platform for her to venture into science journalism as she aspires to be an awesome science journalist. 

Jayasyaliny Jayaraj

Jayasyaliny Jayaraj, a Resource Biotechnology graduate from Universiti Malaysia Sarawak joined MABIC as an intern. She  has an immense passion for writing and communicating scientific knowledge in simple language to the public.

Shaatish Kumar

Shaatish Kumar is an intern at MABIC from Quest International University Perak. With a background in Biotechnology, he is enthusiastic to create awareness of science to all. He enjoys participating in various activities as well as writing articles for the Petri Dish.

Kavimalar Devaraj

Kavimalar Devaraj is an intern at MABIC. She is currently working on the completion of her Master’s degree in Microbiology. She is  always curious about anything and everything science-related and she enjoys science writing very much.

Lim Jia Xin

Lim Jia Xin is a Medical Biotechnology undergraduate who is passionate about science communication and loves to share news about science.

Tan Hui Woon

Tan Hui Woon, otherwise also known as Nicole. She is a Biomedical Science graduate and instead of saying that she is an aspiring young scientist, she is much more preferred to be known as a ‘science communicator’. Like every art, science is also a beautiful master piece and to simplify this complex art is what Nicole aims to deliver. She believes that being a science communicator is just as important as being a scientist so that the public can know what the ‘geek in the lab coat’ is up to. Knowledge should be shared and made known to all and last but not least, do know that science can be FUN too!