How much gold can be found in human body?


Gold has always been at the center of luxury and a rich lifestyle. From accessories to food, humans are obsessed in coating everything they own with gold. Gold is usually extracted from gold mines before it is processed as luxury products. However, do you know our own body contains gold too? Although iron is the most abundant metal in our body, traces of gold can be found in human body in several different places. These include brain, heart, blood, and our joints. If all the pure gold found in a human body whose weight is 70kg is collected, it can amount to 0.229 milligrams of gold. Although a high level of gold in our blood can cause toxicity, scientists have determined that gold does serve a function in maintaining the health of our joints in small amount. Besides that, gold is good conductor of electricity, which helps in transmitting electrical signals throughout our body. Therefore, the next time you feel down and worthless, remember that you’re a precious being and you’ve gold running in your blood and surrounding your heart!