Majestic Offshore has a mission to keep the pipelines flowing

Mohd Razali established Majestic Offshore as one of the most recognised service providers in pipeline inspection in the region.

MOHD RAZALI MOHD NAZIR must have chosen the right business path. His experienced at PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) and General Electric (GE) has shaped him to be a successful oil and gas entrepreneur today.

During his years at PwC, Mohd Razali’s knack for accounting propelled him forward. After leaving PwC , he climbed the corporate ladder at GE and undertook scores of blue-chip projects readily and efficiently.

“When you are out working in the real world, you are exposed to a variety of challenges, and you might see an opportunity to make a product or service better, or do something more efficiently.”

In 2012, at the age of 35, he founded Majestic Offshore Sdn Bhd, a company which developed a technology for inspecting inline pipeline integrity.

Majestic Offshore possesses credible experience and is one of the most recognised service providers in pipeline inspection in the region. It has clients in Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, China, and soon Iraq.

Majestic Offshore helps pipeline owners and operators to keep their pipelines clean and ensure a corrosion and dent-free system.

The company helps pipeline owners and operators to keep their pipelines clean as well as to checks the pipelines’ status to ensure a corrosion and dent-free system.

“We are just like the doctor for the oil and gas pipelines. We diagnose the condition of the pipeline, and we tell the owner its status. We look for corrosion, metal loss, dents, cracks and leakages.”

The company, with its in-house R&D expertise, provides a full range of pipeline inspection services from pipeline cleaning, geometry inspection, magnetic flux leakage inspection to fitness for purpose requirements.

To Mohd Razali, clean pipelines means lower energy consumption and better product quality.

“And by checking the pipeline’s conditions, owners and operators can define programmes and actions to extend the pipelines’ life by reducing the rate of degradation using targeted methods,” he said.

“To succeed in this industry, we need tools and technology, including advanced software to interpret data and employees with vast experiences in oil and gas pipeline inspection services and maintenance.

“I am glad to have a dynamic and experienced team of engineers and skilled workers.
“This helps us to deliver specialised and tailor-made solutions to our clients in a timely manner.”

To Mohd Razali, people may perceive oil and gas as risk-averse industry, but it was in fact built upon risks, and those involved in the industry are aware of the pitfalls and the risks.

“There’s always a risk in every industry, but becoming an entrepreneur is about seeing an opportunity, either improving on an existing product or service or introducing a new one, and then taking a risk in order to fill that need.”

He said the real challenge for the company in this business is in ensuring they get paid back when they conduct business offshore.

“This means, that we have to find trusted and reliable local partners and make sure payment is made when the project is completed.”

He added: “Networking is very important and Malaysian Technology Development Corporation (MTDC) has been a big help by providing platforms to do so.

“We have been on trade missions under MTDC, and from there we have spread our wings to global markets.”