What animal dies and comes back to life?


WHAT? Is it true that an animal comes back to life after death? The answer is yes. Mind blowing right?

There are a few animals that have this unique ability. One of it is the, Rana sylvatica, a species of wood frog whose special abilities boggle the mind of scientists.

“The tiny amphibians can survive for weeks with an incredible two-third of their body water completely frozen, to the point where they are essentially solid frogsicles.

Even more incredible is the fact that the wood frogs stop breathing and their hearts stop beating entirely for days to weeks at a time.

In fact, during its period of frozen winter hibernation, the frog’s physical processes from metabolic activity to waste production grind to a near halt”.

And yet come spring, the frogs thaw out and hop right into life.

This amazing case of cryogenics is possible thanks to several special adaptations, including the special “antifreeze” role played by glucose in the frog’s body.