Drones to buzz in digital agriculture

The Malaysian Technology Development Corporation recently held its MTDC Technology Conference and Exhibition (MTCE2019). The conference and exhibition hosted a large number of participants and exhibitors. The event’s take home message was “way forward” with Industry 4.0 (I4.0). Our reporter JAYASYALINY JAYARAJ hit the keyboard and filed her stories here and in the following page.


THE ever popular imagery of Malaysian artists – featuring the buffalo, a plough and a tardy paddy farmer in a kampong scene may soon be iconised in art forever in the near future.

Malaysia’s stereotype rural landscape is on the cusp of embracing digital agriculture – a matrix that will change the face of the country’s pastoral landscape to that of a modern and millennial panorama.

This will happen soon if local firm, Kambyan Network, has its way. The entrepreneur is raring to introduce the Industrial 4.0 technology to rural heartland farmers as well as to big players involved in major cash crop plantations.

For now, Kambyan Network is going big on drone technology to provide solutions in the critical areas of large scale food cropping.

The company’s research assistant, Kiirthan Jeevan Jothee, told The Petri Dish , to address critical challenges in the farming sector, the company has developed a sentient platform called ManUsIA – an acronym for Man Using Intelligent Applications.