This image of a pheasant is believed to be a new species, captured on remote camera in Ulu Baram.

KUCHING: A Sarawak Forest Department team led by researcher Dr Ahmad Ampeng discovered an unidentified bird species recently.

The discovery is most likely a new sub-species of a pheasant from the family Phasianidae belonging to the genus Lophura.

This is based on the taxonomy description made.

According to acting director of forest, Tuan Hamden Mohammed, three Lophura species are known to inhabit the Bornean island.

He said: “The species are Lophura ignita ignita, Lophura ignita nobilis and Lophura bulweri.

“The Lophura bulweri also known as Bulwer’s wattled pheasant, wattled pheasant or white-tailed wattled pheasant are endemic to Borneo.