Mabic trains biosafety professionals on risk communication

One of the activities conducted during the workshop.

PUTRAJAYA: The Biosafety Department of Malaysia (JBK) recently engaged Malaysian Biotechnology Information Centre (Mabic) to train its regulators and enforcement officers on risk communication related to living modified organisms (LMOs). Risk communication is a branch of science communication that is highly effective in situations where there is low trust, high concern and for topics that are highly controversial with polarised views.

JBK is the leading agency in the field of biosafety and the main referral centre for regulating the release, importation, exportation and contained use of LMOs and the release of products of such organisms with the objectives of protecting human, plant and animal health, the environment as well as the biological diversity.

In her opening remarks of the workshop, JBK Director General, Norsham Abdul Latip said risk communication on LMOs is a complex field that requires special skills, training and experience.