With an eye on biotechnology


Quest International University Perak COO Nicholas Goh Kaw Chin is a graduate in computer science and holds a Masters in Business Administration. But why would he be interested in biotechnology and the life sciences? Interestingly he tells The Petri Dish Editor-In-Chief MAHALETCHUMY ARUJANAN and journalist SHAMIRA SHAMSUDDIN “I firmly believe that Biotechnology is the way forward to heal, fuel, clean and feed the world.” 

TELL us about your background and work experience.

I graduated in the field of Computer Science, and hold an MBA from Southern Illinois University. After completing my studies, I stayed back in the USA  for ten years where  I worked with reputable companies serving in the senior management team. Upon my return to Malaysia in the late 1980s, I served on the Board of Directors for various companies including NGOs.