The big teacher in Covid-19


A 125NM PARTICLE is shaking up the world, thousands of lives are lost, world economy is crashing down and the world has come to an almost standstill. In the midst of this chaos, what are the valuable lessons that we can draw from this pandemic?
What does COVID-19 teach us? A lot of things apparently, and yet time will tell if we wake up to a new wisdom.

1. We have been taking many things for granted. We assumed that the planet only belonged to us and encroached into the habitat of every other living thing. Today we realise that when we withdrew from their spaces, they are coming back to enjoy what they were deprived. Blue skies and clear rivers were probably what Mother Earth was begging us for long. If we could reduce the luxuries in our life and our greed, the planet will start healing.

2. How we can adapt flexi hours and work-from-home models? This should be the work culture for this century.

NOTE FROM EDITOR: Marooned at home for 14 days during the Movement Control Order, what else could one do if not sink into one’s inner well and deeply reflect on what is, what is not and what is to be, for better or for worse? Was it not Philosopher Socrates who eons ago said “an un-reflected life is not worth living?” The Petri Dish editor-in-chief MAHALETCHUMY ARUJANAN penned these special thoughts after much reflection.