Nanoparticles in a pill


RESEARCHERS at Univer­sity of Utah Health developed a proof-of-concept technology using nanoparticles that could offer a new approach for oral medications.

The results will be published online in the August 8 issue of the journal ACS Nano.

“In the pharmaceutical world, this has been regarded as the holy grail,” said You Han Bae, Ph.D., professor Pharmaceutics and Pharmaceutical Chemistry at U of U Health and senior author on the paper.

Nanomedicine is a burgeoning field of medicine that delivers tiny particles (nanoparticles) to carry drugs to treat a variety of condi­tions, including cancer. These treatments are commonly given intravenously, because solid nanoparticles have a poor absorp­tion rate in the body.

Bae and his team modified the surface of the nanoparticles with glycocholic acid, a bile acid that helps the body absorb fat in the small intestine.

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