Robobug takes centre stage



MONT KIARA: The National Science Centre (PSN) has launched the most numbered of mini robobug in an event in conjunction with the National Science Week which from 1-7th April 2018. The event has been recorded in the Malaysian Book of Records in the Science & Technology category with the title “Most Number of Mini Bug Robots Launched in an Event” which recorded the success of 1,7000 Mini Bug being launched. Thirteen schools were invited to jointly launch robobug production during the event.

Prior to launching, Robotic Workshops were organised from March 19, 2018 to April 5, 2018, giving exposure to participants on basic robots’ constructions. The participants were students from primary and secondary schools. Robobugs produced from these workshops were launched during this remarkable event.

“Mini Bugs Robot is an informal science learning module to inculcate student interest in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematical (STEM). Participants were introduced to basic concept of robotic using simple circuit to generate insect robots. The education module offered aimed to attract the attention and interest of students to build and learn robotic basics” said Tengku Mohd Hazimi bin Tuan Hassan, the programme manager.

The Mini Bugs Robots produced by the workshop have been successfully assembled at the Most Popular Mini Insect Robot Launch event on April 5, 2018 and recorded in the Malaysian Book of Records in the Science & Technology category.

He also added that the launch is an added value to the workshop that has been run as one of the strategies for promotion of the Mini Bugs Robot Module.

Mismah Jimbun, the Director of National Science Centre, expressed her satisfaction and excitement with the work of everyone involved in the programme “I can see that everyone is showing their full commitment through this programme. It is important to foster the public’s thinking to be creative and innovative”.



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