Rahim’s long and winding road to criminology


Dr Mohammad Rahim Kamaluddin says it all for criminology. It is a blend of science and the arts. It is multidisciplinary, involving psychology, forensics, pathology, humanities and the social sciences. In this interview with MAHALETCHUMY ARUJANAN, he takes our readers into the how, and why, and what of criminology and speaks of a fruitful and rewarding career path in this very dramatic and demanding profession of a criminologist. He also speaks about his passion for community service.

You are a great mentor for young people in the fields of education, crime prevention and also your love for Tamil language. Tell us about your social activities.

I mainly focus on two tracks – crime prevention and motivational talks. Crime prevention is a part of my expertise and one of the niche areas of criminology. I often get invitations from schools, NGOs, government agencies and universities to deliver talks