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Biodiesel from wet biological waste

IN a step toward producing renewable engine fuels that are compatible with existing diesel fuel infrastructure, researchers report they can convert wet biowaste, such...

New mathematical model can help save endangered species

WHAT does the blue whale have in common with the Bengal tiger and the green turtle? They share the risk of extinction and are...

Scientists discover how locusts switch colours in different settings

SCIENTISTS have discovered how locusts change their body colour to adapt to different environments, according to new research published in eLife. The findings, first reported...

Scientists grow perfect human blood vessels in a Petri dish

Breakthrough technology advances research of vascular diseases like diabetes SCIENTISTS have managed to grow perfect human blood vessels as organoids in a Petri dish for...


If plants could talk, they would definitely say, “Touch me not!” Researchers from La Trobe University found that plants are highly sensitive to touch,...