How tears drained to nose?


YOU might wonder, why someone can taste eye drops or how the nose starts to run when a person is crying. You also might wonder why you taste the eye drops when you are applying it into your eye. There is a puncta in our eye. This puncta is known as lacrimal punctum, a small hole in our eyelids. Puncta is located in the inside corners of your upper and lower eyelid. When blinking, your lids push tears evenly across your eyes to keep your eyes moist and healthy. Blinking also pumps tears into the puncta and by capillary action they are drawn into the lacrimal sac which travels through the tear duct and drains into your nose. Puncta lead into a small tube called a canaliculus which, in turn, empties into the tear sac at the inside corner of your eye along your nose. An opening into the lacrimal sac leads into a canal called the nasolacrimal duct which passes through the bony structures surrounding your nose and empties tears into your nasal cavity.

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