McDonald’s plastic straws take a dive


MCDONALD’S Austria is replacing plastic straws with recyclable paper ones as part of our global packaging and recycling strategy to reduce our use of packaging, switch to more sustainable materials and help our customers to recycle.  

But what to do with the old ones? 

We’re giving some of those iconic red-and-yellow striped plastic straws a second life as swimwear – and just in time for summer. 

The one-piece women’s suit and men’s swim shorts are made from upcycled fabric that’s a mix of recycled McDonald’s plastic straws and post-consumer plastic waste reclaimed from the ocean. Austrian label Poleit designed the limited-edition collection, which is being raffled off.  

To help reduce waste even further, the new paper straws will only be issued at the restaurants on request. Like the beverage cups, the paper straws can also be disposed of in the restaurants or at home with the regular waste paper, helping to contribute to a sustainable circular economy.