UKM medical specialist produces three orthopaedic outfits for B40 group

Dr Mohd Yazid Bajuri and his three innovative products - MyB Ortho Shoes, MyB Air Walker and MyB Muslim Prosthetic.

By Mohamad Arif Haziq Mohamad Musri

BANGI: A health specialist from the Orthopedics and Trauma Department, Faculty of Medicine, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM), Associate  Prof Dr Mohd Yazid Bajuri has created  three innovative products – affordable for the lower income group.

The products are called MyB Ortho Shoes, MyB Air Walker and MyB Muslim Prosthetic.

According to Associate Prof Dr Mohd Yazid, the three products were inspired by the fact that the poor could ill afford to purchase prosthetic legs or special shoes to help them be mobile.

“Each of these products has a lower price than the available products in the market.

“For prosthetic leg (MyB Muslim Prosthetic), the price is between RM3,500 to RM4,000 compared to those sold by private suppliers which can be as high as  RM8,000. For Ortho Shoes, the price ranges from RM350 to RM500 and the Air Walker is around RM400 to RM600.

“The current market price for Ortho Shoes is between RM1,500 to RM2,000 while the Air Walker can reach up to RM1,000,” he said during the launching of the products recently.

The project was funded by Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation to the tune of RM273,400. The funds were used to create the products and the products were then given for free to 10 patients from the B40 group.

The MyB Ortho Shoes is a specially designed outfit that was custom made to suit diabetic patients. The MyB Air Walker is a walk-in tool that has special sensors to detect patients’ excess weight. The technology was specially created for patients who have undergone surgery for the bone fracture or ligaments injury.

Meanwhile, MyB Muslim Prosthetic is a prosthetic leg which is  specially designed to ease patient’s movement, allowing the leg to bend like a normal leg especially while performing prayers for the Muslims.