Goodbye Iman…

Up till late November, Malaysia had only one last surviving Sumatran Rhinoceros called Iman. On Nov 23 Iman breathed its last having lost the battle with cancer. Ironically, Iman means “faith” and Malaysian researchers are continuing efforts to procreate the species with modern scientific methods currently available. This may be a daunting task but “faith” and hope will carry them through. SCOPE dedicates this cover issue to Iman.


THE SUMATRAN RHINO species ( Dicerorhinus sumatrensis ) has existed for over 20 million years on earth. Sadly, Iman, the last female Sumatran rhino in Malaysia, died due to cancer at the Borneo Rhino Sanctuary on Nov 23. Iman’s partner, Tam died six month earlier due to renal failure. The death of the two rhinos mark the extinction of the species in this country. Let’s have a look at what’s unique about them, what makes the conservation of this species so difficult and what are the efforts taken to keep the species alive.