Peace of mind with Calms Technologies ®

Nor Azmi Ahmad Helmi, a Smart Living Evangelist at CALMS Technologies Sdn Bhd—one of the members at MTDC Centre of 9 Pillars (Co9P), speaks to The Petri Dish ’s journalist, JAYASYALINY JAYARAJ on the company’s start up and gravitation to becoming a global player.



Tell us about CALMS Technologies and its beginning.

Established in 2002, CALMS Technologies—a home-grown company provides a cost effective, smart ID solutions which enables multi applications to function on a single platform. We started as a small company with only 3 staffs and now we hire almost 40 dedicated staffs, a great mixture of local and foreign talents.

What is CALMS Technologies’ core business?

CALMS Technologies first started off as a smart card issuance provider. We provide a wide range of customer specific solutions that help create smart and secure working and living environment. As we progress and develop as a company, there are scenarios whereby some clients ask for software customization and changes to value add the system required to meet their ends. From there, we make a practice to understand that if this could be the same requirement and appetite from other clients. We progressively add these small new modules and features from time to time. As of now, our software are pretty matured and comparable to those software house from the West.

How did it all begin?