Why do we have an appendix?


The appendix is a finger-shaped pouch connected to the large intestine. At best, people may see the appendix as a useless organ with no apparent function. At worst, the appendix may be seen as a ticking time bomb for appendicitis or a life-threatening rupture if the appendix becomes blocked. So, why do we have them? Some scientists have proposed that the appendix does indeed have a purpose: when your intestines run out of beneficial bacteria for digestion, the appendix kick starts your immunity and floods your gut with more beneficial bacteria. In other words, the appendix keeps a backup supply of beneficial bacteria. Our intestines may be flushed of beneficial bacteria if we take antibiotics or get food poisoning. In general, scientists are still unsure of what the appendix is for. While we don’t absolutely need them to live, at the very least, the appendix is not as useless as what people may think.