What is the history behind video gaming?


Video games can be played on a number of different platforms. This includes game consoles, handheld systems, computers, mobile phones, and others. The first coin operated video games were introduced in the 1970’s with titles such as ‘Computer Space’ and ‘Pong’ gaining popularity. In the past the primary input for video games has been the handheld controller. But this has changed recently as game makers look to capture new audiences with new interactive input devices. Examples of these include cameras which respond to user movement, guitars, microphones, touch screens, motion sensitive controllers and more. Making video games has over the years become a big business and creating a high-quality game often takes the input of a large number of professional developers which require essential skills such as graphic designers, programmers, other skills such as management, writing as well as music. Depending on your view point, video games can be seen in both a positive and negative light. While users can be entertained as they improve hand-eye coordination, problem solving skills and other abilities, there is also research indicating too much video game activity can limit children’s physical activity and an also expose them to violence at a young age.

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