HELLO, the big world out there!


IN conjunction with USM’s 50th anniversary, a dedicated blog for communicating science and the arts has been launched. The blog — Simply Speaking — was created to specially appeal to the stakeholders who matter and the public at large.

This blog marks another milestone in the continuing efforts of USM to reach out to society through knowledge transfer and dissemination of information beyond the boundaries of technical publications.

The blog collaborates with The Petri Dish, a newspaper with the same mission with Simply Speaking—to communicate science in a non-technical language, easily understood and appreciated. In this inaugural issue:

  • A Feature Story on Datuk Professor Dr Asma Ismail, the Vice-Chancellor of USM. She spoke at length on the new culture of learning and the importance of value and character in building a holistic education system.
  • A conversation with Dr Siti Khayriyyah (Kye) on her journey towards becoming the winner of FameLab International 2018 and her views on ways to promote science communication.
  • A conversation with Dr Mahaletchumy Arujanan – founding Editor-in-Chief of The Petri Dish.
  • Twelve articles written by USM academics.

Check it out now at: https://simplyspeaking.usm.my/

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The Petri Dish is malaysia’s first dedicated science newspaper. Through The Petri Dish we aim to engage the public on the latest developments on biotechnology.