Bio hub to recreate Pulau Indah’s landscape


MOHAMAD Razif Abdul Wahab is excited and ready for the challenges that lie ahead, following his recent appointment as the new CEO of Central Spectrum Sdn Bhd (CSSB), the main industrial park developer in Pulau Indah.

Razif is optimistic about the future as the company would strive to attract investments in the biotechnology sector.

With over 30 years of experience in the industry, Razif aspires to develop Pulau Indah into a progressive and modern island featuring countless opportunities for business and living.
Razif who has been with CSSB for more than six years and before taking over the current position served as the Senior General Manager of Sales & Marketing for the company.
Razif said the company would strive to attract investments in the biotechnology sector with the “Selangor Bio Bay” (SBB) project which is poised to be an integrated, biotechnology-themed smart city.

Inspired by the Silicon Valley, the SBB has a gross development value of RM5.5 billion, that spans over 1,000 acres of land in Pulau

Complete ecosystem

According to Razif, the focus now is the setting up of a complete ecosystem for biotech research in SBB to attract biotech players to the state.

Speaking to The Petri Dish at Selangor Bio Bay Gallery recently, Razif said: “The Bio Accelerator Centre, located at the heart of the research and development precinct is in planning stage.

“We incorporate “shared facility” concept, which will act as a research and development hub for universities and biotechnology companies operating within SBB.

“The SBB provides an avenue for academia to work within industries with a great environment for them to flourish and at the same time get the support they need from the state government,” he said.

According to Razif, SBB showcases residential features in an industrial park with commercial and residential developments which are promoting an exclusive lifestyle for the people who come to the island to work and live.

“It will offer researchers and academics from around the world the opportunity to live, study and work amidst the rich biodiversity of Pulau Indah.

“Researchers can take advantage of being in the area surrounded by mangrove which is home to beneficial bacteria, fungi and plants to engage in biotechnology research,” said Razif.


However, he said the challenges in getting investors to SBB are the transportation and infrastructure difficulties in terms of access to the island.

Despite recent cost-cutting, moving forward, Razif said the government must think long term and solve the setback in order to attract investments.

“The economy is bustling on the island with approximately 30,000 people working there. Residents number just about 15,000 people.

“If the access problem can be solved via an elevated highway to separate commercial vehicles from private cars, the prospect of living and working in Pulau Indah would appeal to the 15,000 odd people who are travelling in and out daily from other parts of Klang and Shah Alam, and also foreigners to come and set their operation in SBB,” said Razif.

Razif said he is optimistic about the future as he expects the projects to be turning a profit as marketing efforts are being given a boost.

“We have been on business trade missions and see what we can emulate from other countries and at the same time creating awareness on business opportunities in Selangor, especially in SBB,” said Razif.

“While it was good that the SBB was inspired by the San Francisco Bay, it requires a lot of government support given that the investor pool in Malaysia is not as huge as San Francisco’s,” said Razif.

Razif also said that CSSB is currently in talks with MIDA to award international and local biotechnology companies who want to set up operation at SBB with incentives, grants, various guarantees and privileges to help them grow.

Green, smart city

Razif said the company also focuses to manifest the potential that Pulau Indah is bursting as a high-tech industrial park but at the same time, maintaining and preserving the ecology of the island.

Razif also noted that CSSB is set to move a notch higher in promoting eco-innovations and sustainable growth.

Razif highlighted that Pulau Indah was designed to conserve natural resources, provide for a healthier and green environment, improve the quality of human life, and increase the productivity of its occupants.

The completed cycling track consists of 1.7KM cycling journey developed on the riverbank of Sungai Chandong Besar offers a beautiful and unique cycling experience with a high-quality track and nature preservation along the riverbank.

“We are adapting green features into projects for low carbon development, including waste management, water pollution and energy savings.

“With future in mind, we are committed to the green agenda by designing key elements that consist of environment, transportation, infrastructure and construction to satisfy environmental standards,” he said.


Razif also aspires to transform the island into a prestigious centre for eco-tourism.
Pulau Indah, the literal translation of a ‘beautiful island’, lives up to its name in the various agriculture and fishing activities that are defined by the rich traditional elements Malaysia is known for.

Razif said while Pulau Indah employing sophistication in the advancement of urbanisation and commercial developments, the island is complemented by Orang Asli villages with bordering deep-rooted mangrove coast framing the island.

“Visitors can come on the boat ride and fishing while seeing the unique culture of Orang Asli. We foresee this as plenteous work opportunities for the community,” said Razif.


Besides SBB, the company has shown progress these past five years with its key developments; Pulau Indah Industrial Park (PIIP) and Selangor Halal Hub(SHH).
PIIP is one of the innovative developments by CSSB as it is the first gated and guarded industrial park. As it is, the PIIP has almost sold out its last phase due to positive investor sentiments.

Recently the company won awards for its excellence and innovativeness namely Best Gated Guarded Industrial Park, Phase 3 PIIP” and “Best Masterplan for Biotechnology Park SBB.” Last year, they bagged the MIP Planning Excellence Award 2018 and The First Low Carbon Industrial Park, Green Building Index Certificate for Selangor Bio Bay Show Gallery.

For more information about the SBB, contact 1-800-222-909 or