Why do frogs make so much noise?


Did you know that there are frogs that chirp? Others can whistle, croak, ribbit, peep, cluck, bark and grunt. Why do they make so much noise?

When frogs call out they are actually trying to attract a mate. Every different species of frog makes its own special sound allowing their mates to distinguish who’s who amongst the gathering of suitors and it is only the male frog that can croak. They have a small sac in their throats that vibrates the air as they slowly let it out.

When male frogs are ready to mate they will ‘call’ out to the female frogs. Each different species of frog have their own special sound and that is the sound that the same species of female frog will answer to. Some frogs are so loud they can be heard a mile away! After they meet, they find a suitable spot to mate and lay their eggs.