How do plants communicate with each other?


We have never seen plants communicate among each other. Plants seem to be more sensitive than they might seem. Plants communicate with each other in wildly complex and remarkable ways.

Even though plants stay in one spot, plants are observing and responding to the world around them.

A research has shown that when a plant’s leaves come into contact with another plant, it will allocate more resources to growing above ground than below.

Plants split their energies between growing above ground, to harvest the resources of the sun, and below ground, to harvest the resources of the earth.

Apart from that, scientists have revealed that plants communicate through the air, by releasing odorous chemicals called volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and through the soil. Another study found that plants secrete chemicals into the soil and transporting them along thread like networks formed by soil fungi that prompt their neighbours to grow more aggressively, presumably to avoid being left in the shade.