UKM specialist discover arthritis treatment using mesenchymal stem cell

Dato’ Dr Badrul Akmal Hisham Md Yusoff.. PIX/ Ikhwan Hashim


CHERAS: The orthopaedic team of Hospital Canselor Tuanku Muhriz (HCTM), Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM) led by senior lecturer (Orthopedics & Arthroscopy), Dato’ Dr Badrul Akmal Hisham Md Yusoff has successfully pioneered knee arthritis treatment using mesenchymal stem cells obtained from the umbilical cord blood.

The procedure done in 2016 shows that the cartilage joint has been re-established completely without any side effects. Badrul Akmal said the treatment used donated umbilical cord blood. The donors underwent strict
screening to conform to regulatory requirements.

“The stem cells were cultured and bred in laboratories certified by the National Pharmaceutical Regulatory Agency. The cells were then taken to HCTM to be inserted into the patient’s knee joint using an intra-articular injection method, ” he added.

All patients in the study had shown significant positive improvements as early as the third month and did not show signs of side effects or problems during the study period.

Private company Cytopeutics Sdn Bhd, the institution’s industry research partner undertook patient selection for the procedure and conducted laboratory tests, as well as imaging prior to the knee orthoscopic surgery. During the surgery, the donor stem cells were inserted into the knee joint and the patient is required to undergo follow-up treatment for 12 months.

UKM specialist discovers arthritis treatment using mesenchymal stem cell Stem Cell Badrul Akmal highlighted that the whole process was syariah compliant and approved by the Department of Islamic Development Malaysia (JAKIM). The surgery was the first clinical transfusion using allogeneic stem cells in patients. The orthopedic team in HCTM is now looking forward for more clinical studies.

The research finding has been presented at the International Cartilage Repair and Regeneration Society (ICRS) Conference, in Milan, Italy last year.

“The success of this research was well received by ICRS. They are looking at the progress and sharing the latest study results in Malaysia and subsequently invited UKM to join the international network of articular cartilage and stem cell researchers,” Badrul Akmal Hisham added.- UKM News Portal