KUALA LUMPUR: The Malaysian Biotechnology Information Centre (Mabic) is taking Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) to social media in its new initiative, Jom Science, Malaysia!

The project aims at showcasing science, research and the personalities behind these in Malaysia to the general public.

“It will be a colourful engagement with science with huge doses of the human face and is created largely appeal to the layman as it will be fascinating and capture their interests,” says Mabic executive director, Dr Mahaletchumy Arujanan who is also co-founder of the programme.


Dr Tan Ju Lin…

The project was a brainchild of Dr Tan Ju Lin who has keen interest in science communication. Tan is a recent PhD graduate from La Trobe University, Australia.
The idea was then perfected by Mahaletchumy and her team, Shamira Shamsuddin and Farah Nadzri.

“Malaysia is rich with talented individuals working in the sector STEM sector. So, I believe that we should do something to promote STEM in the country and make it known across the globe.

“Moreover, we can use this opportunity to help inspire people and to increase STEM literacy among those who have minimal knowledge in this area”, says Ju Lin on how she first thought about this idea.

Jom Science, Malaysia! was launched on Sept 16 in conjunction with Malaysia Day. It is a contribution from Mabic to Malaysia to make science a culture and part of the Malaysian lifestyle.

Currently it has followings on FB, Instagram and Twitter. Ju Lin and Mabic have been approaching Malaysian scientists to become content contributors.

In Malaysia, “Jom” is an informal way of inviting or cajoling someone to participate in an activity.

Mabic is inviting scientists to promote their research and welcomes the general public to get into the fascinating world of science.

Mahaletchumy said: “The logo of Jom Science, Malaysia! is inspired by neurons that function to transmit and process information.

“Just like neurons, a society that is science literate will be at the leading edge, quick to respond to changes, and be able to make informed decisions. And just like neurons, Jom, Science Malaysia! will process and disseminate information related to STEM,” she added.

Mahaletchumy further emphasised that Jom Science, Malaysia! is an important initiative as there is a need for more platforms that are able to bridge science and the society and to put icons in science in the public space to inspire young people to pursue STEM education and career.

According to Mahaletchumy, there are many exhibitions for students on STEM but the career vision and role models are lacking.

“This is the void MABIC plans to fill in for students to learn from the journeys of successful STEM practitioners,” she added.

Jom Science, Malaysia! can be followed on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn to get updates on STEM and its personalities in Malaysia.