THE average user might not know it as the Internet of Things (IoT) – but it’s a technology that is in the process of transforming numerous areas of our everyday lives.

IoT refers to the online connectivity of everyday objects around us; it might be your laptop and smartphones, but it can also be any technology for that matter, from a washing machine to smart cars or toothbrushes.

And while it might not seem like an obvious application of the IoT, education is included on that list.

With the rapid advancement in technology and the steep learning curve of the actual working world, there has always been a gap between education and the industrial standards.

Realising the need to lessen the gap, a team of three enthusiastic people established PSI Global Sdn Bhd to tackle and provide solutions on this matter.

Fadillah Iskandar, Chief Operating Officer of PSI Global Sdn Bhd, said: “Technology is changing the world and it is our duty to equip young people with the skills they will require to succeed in an uncertain future.”

Fadillah, who majored in Information System Engineering, said it wasn’t easy to find a job after she graduated in 2008.

“What I learned in the university was not what the industry wanted.

“In the tech industry, change happens everyday.”

This thought was also shared by Mahadhir Yunus, Chief Executive Officer and Dr Syahril Idris, Chief Technology Officer of PSI Global Sdn Bhd. This had inspired them to set up a sub brand, “Krenovator” which means Creative Innovator, in 2017.

“We should prepare for the abilities that will be needed by our graduates in the future,” said Fadillah.

With a dream to make Malaysia a leading nation in technology, Krenovator ventures into Myedtech and EXP BOOK series as solutions.

He said there are currently 21 local companies under Myedtech community focusing on IoT, robotics, automotive, transportation, waste management, retail and fashion.

Krenovator also believes that experience is the best learning process for everyone. That is why they came up with the EXP BOOK – Experience by Experiment, the first step in learning about Internet of Things and self-learning tools.

“We provide complete modules to learn hardware, like sensors, till students are able to build their own IoT dashboard (software).

“And we provide industry study cases for students to explore more on the types of IoT applications trending in the industry,” Fadillah added.

Krenovator will provide IOT workshops starting from November 2018 onwards for the public.

In this workshop, participants will use IOT EXP BOOK by Krenovator to learn basic fundamentals and conduct various IoT hands-on project. For more information please refer to their Facebook and website ( and