A sterling crop in New Malaysia’s cabinet


While history-making cabinet members create anecdotal realities, nation re-engineering must be tops in the agenda.

CONGRATULATIONS, to the newly appointed Cabinet members of New Malaysia. The line-up is made up of highly qualified lawmakers from various fields of expertise.

And there are those with illustrious political careers and all of them have a clean track record that says it all. The newly-minted cabinet members have set some new records in the history of the Malaysian government.

Beginning with the Prime Minister, Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad is the oldest premier to take office and the first to make a comeback to the prime minister’s office. The nonagenarian is also the first to take office with the title “Tun”.

A major point of interest here, for the first time, a non-BN cabinet has taken office after 61 years of national independence.