Obesity affects uterus health

An image showing how connective cells (colored in green) interact with uterine cancer cells (colored in red) when cultured in the laboratory.

A recently concluded workshop on communicating research hosted by Mabic and UMXcelerate found hidden science communication talent among researchers. The articles published here are the testimonies of the success of the first home-grown science communication module created by Mabic. This article is one of the first attempt by both authors to write popular science articles. Click here to see more. The Petri Dish and Mabic will continue to support scientists in their attempts to bridge science and society. Both the writers role-played the function of a journalist and for this reason their names are mentioned in the story – as they were actually sharing a personal experience. 

MALAYSIANS like most Asians love to have big families. It is an Asian culture and belief that a house full of happy and noisy children is prosperous and God-blessed.

But, there is something standing in the way of this dream for many – gynaecological health issues, including fertility challenges.

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