Central Spectrum – A propelling force in property industry

Dato’ Mahmud Abbas, Chief Executive Officer of Central Spectrum Sdn Bhd.

CENTRAL SPECTRUM (M) Sdn Bhd or CSSB, is a homegrown property development company based in Pulau Indah, Selangor.

The company has been making its mark in the industry for over two decades since its establishment in 1994.

Led by Dato’ Mahmud Abbas as a Chief Executive Officer, CSSB aspires to develop Pulau Indah into a progressive and modern island featuring countless opportunities for business and living.

The company today continues to be a propelling force that creates endless business opportunities and quality living.

The company’s flagship achievements are Pulau Indah Industrial Park (PIIP) and Selangor Halal Hub (SHH), two of the most prominent development projects in 22 years of operation.

CSSB’s portfolio also includes landed residential development as well as shop offices dubbed as Laguna Park and Indah Point, respectively.

The future promises a rewarding growth for the company as it embarks on the development of Selangor Bio Bay (SBB), an integrated, biotechnology-themed smart city.

Selangor Bio Bay

SBB, the latest mixed development project spearheaded by CSSB in alignment with the Smart Selangor initiative,

Mahmud in an interview with The Petri Dish recently said the 1,070-acre (433ha) high-technology area, would act as a catalyst for high-quality property development in Pulau Indah besides elevating Selangor’s biotechnology industry.

He said the SBB project would become the only bio bay centre in Asia to be fully equipped with industrial, residential and recreational infrastructure.

“The SBB provides biotechnology companies with a great environment for them to flourish and at the same time get the support they need from the state government,” he said.
Mahmud said SBB features the Biotech Accelerator Centre which is located at the heart of the research and development precinct, incorporating a “shared facility” concept which will act as a research and development hub for biotechnology companies operating within SBB.

The SBB, spanning three precincts, has a 15-year development period with a total gross development value of RM4.3bil.

Mahmud also noted that the environmental essence of SBB carries great significance in promoting eco-innovations and sustainable growth.

“Low carbon development strategies, including waste management, water pollution and energy savings, are designed and deployed with the future in mind.

“Four key elements that consist of environment, transportation, infrastructure and construction to satisfy the most stringent environmental standards is a testament to SBB’s commitment to the green agenda,” he said.

Pulau Indah Industrial Park

On the Pulau Indah Industrial Park (PIIP) project, he said Central Spectrum just completed Phase 3A.

Mahmud said the gated and guarded PIIP 3 industrial park was poised to create a healthy lifestyle among its stakeholders as it was equipped with a River Track Cycle Park 1.7KM cycling journey on the riverbank of Sungai Chandong Besar.

Mahmud also said that CSSB has finalised with Swedish furniture retailer, IKEA, to set up its new regional distribution and supply chain centre in PIIP.

He said before considering Pulau Indah, IKEA identified a few other locations, which included Johor and Penang.

The process took almost a year before they decided to locate Asia Pacific Region distribution center in Pulau Indah due to its strategic location, the park’s facilities and amenities as well as strong state government support.

IKEA Pulau Indah will be the company’s third largest furniture distribution hub after IKEA Chicago, USA and IKEA Dusseldorf, Germany, serving some 12 IKEA stores in Asean.
CSSB managed to sell 185 acres (74.8ha) of industrial land in PIIP 3A and 80% of PIIP 3C was already sold and owned by the credible investors as well as business owners of the small and medium industries.

Standing at the current value of RM70psf, the remaining 20% of industrial land in PIIP 3C is still available for purchase.

Phase 1 and Phase 2 are already occupied by more than 500 companies with the core business activities that include manufacturing, logistics and warehousing.

Selangor Halal Hub

Mahmud said Selangor already has strong foothold in the halal sector, with 30% of Malaysia’s halal-certified companies based in the state.

He said the state government launched the Halal International Selangor (HIS), a global halal initiative which is tasked to create a smooth and hassle-free global halal ecosystem, where companies can set up their operations and businesses quickly.

“HIS has also developed a 700-acre Halal Hub on Pulau Indah which provides industry players with a high-tech platform and infrastructure,” he said.

HIS he said, also connects key players and has opened up opportunities for prospective halal-assured organisations looking to expand across international borders.

According to him, from training programmes to establishing a gold-standard assurance system, HIS works with international and industry partners to expand the potential of halal products and services, translating it to a global network of seamless employment, distribution and infrastructure system.