James Dyson Award invites entries from problem-solvers

2017 Malaysian winner with their invention, Pumeca Pump.

THE James Dyson Award is now open for entries, giving students and recent graduates of engineering and design a unique opportunity to showcase their problem solving inventions on a global stage.

James Dyson Award is an international annual competition to inspire the next gen of Engineering and Design students or graduates to enter their ideas for solutions of real world problems.

The brief is simple, design something which solves a problem. The winner will gain international exposure through the competition. The international prize is £30,000 for the student and £5,000 for the student’s university department and for national winners, £2,000 each to develop their idea.

Over the last fourteen years the James Dyson Award has gained more and more international recognition, attracting outstanding ideas from across the globe.

Last year’s Malaysian winner was the Pumeca Pump, water pump that runs on rotation of rear wheel of a motorcycle for paddy farmers. Pumeca is designed specially for small farms less than 2 hectares run by one person.

The portable mechanical centrifugal pump designed with the purpose of transferring water from the water supply to the paddy lot within 54 meters smaller and cheaper than conventional water pumps.

Izzat Mohtar, team leader, said, “Technical analysis is the crucial part to validate our idea. After we are satisfied with the analysis and validation process, we built the first prototype of Pumeca Pump for testing purpose. It took us about 13 weeks to complete the design process and working on the first prototype.”

For more information on this competition, please contact Malvin Chua at [email protected] or visit https://www.jamesdysonaward.org/