Mycologist: 16 species of Magic Mushrooms found in Sabah

Dr Jaya Seelan explaining to school children on how to make spore print and curate specimens for herbarium during mushroom foray.


According to a mycologist (mushroom expert) 16 species of Magic Mushroom have been identified in Malaysia.

These mushrooms were discovered from 2012 till 2016 on different types of “substrates” such as soil, grassland, deadwood and animal dung.

According to Dr Jaya Seelan Sathiya Seelan, from the Institute for Tropical Biology and Conservation, Universiti Malaysia Sabah, and MRC’s national collaborator, earlier studies conducted by British mycologist Prof Corner E.J.H (British Mycologist) had reported that Malaysia harbours at least six species of which two – Boletus flammeus and Copelandia cyanescens were found in the Borneo Island between 1972-1998.