How do birds build their nests?


EVERY species of birds have their own unique methods and materials to build their nest that keep their chicks safe from harm. Birds can spend a whole day in their quest for the building materials their structure needs.

Their beaks and talons are designed for carrying and arranging the materials they gather.
The male bird chooses the location of the nest, and the female builds it.

They will starts by collecting sticks and dropping them on the branches they have
chosen as their home. Some of the birds use mud and saliva as an adhesive to glue their
nest together.

And then, smearing the mixture against the face of the cliff to form a pot-shaped structure
with a round opening on top. Then cushions the inside with fine grass, moss and feathers,
thereby further insulating the nest.

Spiders’ webs are an essential ingredient of many nest too. For example, Chaffinches nest use sticky cobwebs to make pads on the branches, which form anchors for the nest’s

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