Why we feel itchy after got bitten by mosquito?


YOU are playing outside with your friends, when suddenly; a red, itchy welt rises up on your skin. Without thinking or even knowing why mosquito bites itch, you start scratching that area. Your skin reddens and the bites get itchier.

So, why does this happen? Why mosquito bites are itchy? When a mosquito bites you, several things are happening. The mosquito uses her; all mosquitos that bite are female, feeding stylets to pierce your skin. Once she breaks through your skin, it quickly searches
for a blood vessel and starts sucking your blood with such force that tiny blood vessels collapse or rupture.

At the same time your blood is pumping out of your body, the mosquito pumps saliva in. The saliva is specifically why mosquito bites itch. The saliva contains enzyme that bypass your body’s natural coagulation system. These enzymes and proteins are directly causing the allergic reaction in your body and you start scratching that area.