Why does grass stay green during frosty weather?


EVER wonder why the grass stays green during winter while other plants do not?
Higher plants even have their leaves fall off throughout the cold frosty weather.
The major reason is pretty simple, grass has developed adaptations for survival
purposes. To our knowledge, most grass is short, close to the ground and grow
close to one another, this is an essential way grass ensures its survival in extreme
conditions which reduces the damage caused by wind and ice particles.

The small surface area of leaves helps conserve water and reduces the rate of
waste lost from the leaf surface. Furthermore, the stem, buds and leaves are covered
with fine hairs which create a layer of insulation for protection against cold
temperature. The ability to photosynthesise in extremely low temperatures allows
grass to store energy despite the lack of sunlight during winter. The formation of
ice crystals in the extracellular matrix surrounding the leaf cells further protect
the cells from damage. This explains the picturesque sight of green frosty grass
during winter.