How many stars are there in the night sky?


DO you ever look up at the dark night sky and wonder how many stars are there
exactly? There are too many to count and it would definitely take a very long time!
Astronomer Dorrit Hoffleit compiled her work, Yale Bright Star Catalog, which tabulates every visible star to the naked eye (mostly of stellar magnitude 6.5 or brighter) from earth.

The total number of visible stars to your naked eyes comes to 9096 across the entire sky from both hemispheres. However, we can only see half the astronomical sphere, making it a total of 4048 stars that are visible to us from the darkest sky. At the highest point of the poles, where there is no rise and set of the northern and southern polestars, approximately 4500 stars are visible every single clear night of the year. These numbers of visible stars are still pretty small, but in fact they are enough to convey the impression of an intensely starry sky.