How did human become intelligent?


YOU might think that intelligence is the crowning of human evolution. It is true that it could be good if there were more intelligent creatures on the planet earth.

But based on our knowledge, there is only one. Dinosaurs existed for roughly 200 million years, but no single dinosaur became intelligent.

You must be wondering how did humans become intelligent? Here are the three main factors explaining why humans are the most intelligent creatures.

First, humans are able to manipulate the environment, they evolved to be able to change the world around them over time. Second, humans have stereo vision, the eyesight of predators that make humans alert to their surroundings and design possible strategies of survival.

And the third basic ingredient is language. Humans are able to communicate their knowledge to their next generation unlike the animals.

Over time, humans seem to become smarter as they improvised the existing knowledge. That is how the human brains evolved, based on their experiences in the real world.

Now when you think about it, how many animals on earth actually fulfilled these three major ingredients of intelligence?

There is almost none! All these factors had propelled mankind to become intelligent over the period of human evolution.