THERE are no pain receptors to inform your brain that the retinas are being fried.

It is more likely to that many of us are overreacting to standard aches and pains after watching the eclipse despite the warnings.

The real sign of retinal damage shows up around 12 hours later, where you woke up with blurry vision and a bright spot in your eyes. There’s nothing much you can do but to consult an optometrist.

If you’ve done a massive damage on photoreceptors, it is going to take a long time to heal completely. The body is excellent at healing by cell regeneration but the nervous system does not quickly adapt to rejuvenate cells.

It may take a year or so to improve your vision. In many cases, the damage is permanent.

Technically, there is no limited amount of time to look at the sun and consider safe.

This is why every scientist in NASA and ophthalmologist on every network kept repeating, “Do Not Look at the Eclipse!”