Offshore security surveillance gets serious attention


Safety and security has been a growing concern recently throughout the world. The main reason being is accidents – fire and explosions and criminal activities, such as act of terrorism and piracy. Land is not the only place for such threat, seas and oceans are getting the same as well. In past years, different ways and/or approaches have been proposed to prevent a recurrence of such threats.

Individuals, private and government sectors are looking into it seriously for the purpose of security protection and defence of seas and oceans from accidents and intruders. Quite a number of patent applications have been filed in recent years on the same. Two of them have drawn my attention – one is from the oil and gas sector and another from the ship transport sector.

The first is on the oil and gas sector, particularly in management of crude oil. Extracted crude oil has to be stored before it is transported for further processing into end products. Thus, serious care has to be taken on the storage facilities to avoid any accidents and/or to avoid being exposed for an attack by intruders– which could lead to a loss of millions of dollars of value associated with crude oil.

LOVIE PETER filed an application on 23 May 2011 (United States Patent Application no.: US13/113658) for a system and method for securing offshore storage of crude oil.